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Delivering Fresh Ideas and Custom Creations Every Day to a Hungry Audio World.

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Radio Imaging

Al Mason Productions is a rock-solid source for Liners, Promos, Drops, IDs, Sweepers, Triggers, Billboards, Bumpers, Stabs and Stagers—or whatever you like to call them. All those elements that your listeners rarely think about but that play such a key role in connecting your super-serving station with their needful lives.

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Commercial Audio

At Al Mason Productions, the front burner is always hot for Spots. Straight Spots, Funny Spots, Serious Spots, Hard-Sell Car Spots, Soft-Sell Spa Spots, even Vice-Versa Spots and More Spots. Fully produced, ready to air on Radio. Or in convenient, just-add-video form for TV and Multimedia.

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Creative Services

Throughout his multi-hat-wearing career in radio production, programming and on-air, Al Mason has never left his “first calling”—copywriting. Need an idea? A concept from scratch or a sketchy script tweaked? Turn to a seasoned pro at crafting your hastily scribbled AE notes on cocktail napkins into award-winning (or, at least, award-worthy) masterpieces.

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Relax & Enjoy

Our No. 1 priority is to be a pleasure to work with. Delivering a quality product, on time, that exceeds expectations is never enough. You must believe that your life has been enriched and the world is a better place for having worked with us. And so it will be.